Small Business Live Chat Case Study

How generates thousands of leads each month by using live chat service Blue Sky Chat

Reaching your customers can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you already have traffic coming to your website which isn’t converting. Small business Bondi Computer Guy, a mobile computer repair service based in Bondi Beach, NSW (Australia), managed to dramatically cut the costs of acquiring new Clients through the use of live chat.

Read their small business live chat case study to see how they utilised Blue Sky Chat and decreased their costs whilst improving their communication with Clients.

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Keeping Up With Communication

Keeping up with new customers on an ongoing basis can be tough – especially when your business is a mobile computer service. Bondi Computer Guy found it extremely difficult to continually answer traditional forms of communication like phone and email.

“As a team of only 3, I would receive calls and emails whilst we were attending jobs on site. If I wasn’t quick enough to answer their inquiries, the Customer would normally walk away which ultimately hurt the sustainability of my business”.

Who has time to wait for a response after they leave a message or send an email? According to Felligan, “customers have moved from primarily communicating via the phone to email, and now from email to live chat.”

When you have all it takes to help your Clients, however, you get pulled back by all the emails and calls, it can all go to waste:

“I knew that live chat was the best way to engage new customers – however I simply didn’t have the time to man it and reply instantly. It’s frustrating for a small business to properly operate” Felligan reports.

As Blue Sky Chat provides outsourced live chat and instant interaction without interruption, decided to give it a go.

Blue Sky Chat Outsourced Live Chat Implementation & Growth

First starting with a free trial, soon discovered lead growth and a new way to interact with Clients – through outsourced live chat. “My initial objective was to provide customer service on the website by having someone answer traditional inquiries – however I soon started realising that as customers received quality and instant customer support, they were more inclined to pursue our services,” Felligan says.

“I particularly loved the SMS service. Every time a new lead came through, I was emailed and also received an SMS with their details. It was really convenient and I could reply to the Customer when the job on site had finished”.

By working with Bondi Computer Guy and studying the ins and outs of the business, Blue Sky was able to answer any inquiry that was directed at the business. According to Felligan, Blue Sky’s method of studying the business was highly professional: “It started off basic, such as the hours of operations, pricing, areas serviced etc. but soon delved into much deeper questions that customers might be thinking at the time which really made me think.”

Thanks to outsourced live chat, managed to significantly raise the number of customer engagements: “Blue Sky Chat has allowed the Company to connect with hundreds of additional potential clients each week,” Felligan reports.

Successful Results & Expansion Plans

The implementation of Blue Sky Chat on not only increased the number of potential customers engaged each week but also saved a ton of cash that would normally be spent on lead acquisition and secretarial work: “Compared to our Pay Per Click spending the extra leads we now get easily equal savings of over $4,000 per month” Felligan states. He also adds that “These leads bring in an additional $10,000 of business each month – 180% increase in sales since I started using Blue Sky Chat,” which is a huge gain for such a small investment.’s outsourced live chat integration was a huge hit, and Felligan has moved on to hiring more employees to expand his business due to the growth in leads and reduction in costs. He strongly recommends companies who are Service Providers to consider using live chat on their website as a means to generate leads.

You can visit Bondi Computer Guy today and see Blue Sky Chat in action!